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Romantic and maternal >love< are highly rewarding experiences.*

> Ouverture: Implicit and conscious memory

> Main stage: The love system
> Psychotherapy
> Genes and current experience
> Exploration
> Basic Income

> Outro: A theory of concepts

> Research
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> Application

Reproduction is subjectively rewarding and objectively the goal of biology. The skin and the brain evolve from the same embryionic layer and keep a close relation later on. Montague said, the brain can be interptreted as the inturned potion of the skin, our biggest organ. The human life cycle is mediated by bonding body contacts between parents and their children, and between love partners. There is a lack of focus in psychology on the interaction of body contacts and body stimulations with the brain. A model to integrate perception, thought and behaviour is introduced on this page. This is of importance for therapeutic and other psychological fields. Since reproduction is pivotal from a biological perspective, it makes sense that our thought and behaviour are mainly guided by bodily experience as child and adult. This might be more or less conscious to us. So, bodily relations might be crucial in psychological 'function' and 'dysfunction!

*Bartels & Zeki, 2004
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