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Romantic and parental >Love< are highly rewarding experiences.*

> ouverture: implicit and conscious memory

> the main stage: the love system
> genes and ongoing experience
> safe haven and exploration

> outro: a new theory of concepts/memory formation

> eeg research/thesis
> research and counseling references
> applications
> counseling/'psychotherapy'
> about me

This website proposes an idea to think explicit and implicit memory anew, based on the very elementary processings of neurons. From the idea, a new understanding of consciousness (conscious memory) is derived. Moreover, these insights connect and emphasize research findings displaying the prerogative of bodily rewards (‘love’) for organic and mental health.

The german site is based on my thesis (in German). The english page is based on an integrative article I wrote a little later, in English. Both texts treat the main concepts of this approach.

The book ‘New Medicine Love’ (German) is a guideline I derived during the work as a psychological counselor from the here presented research findings. The book can also be used as a self-help book as well as an orientation for parents.

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